Senaite FLIMS, based on the cutting edge Senaite Lab Information Management System [LIMS]. Senaite FLIMS transforms a medical laboratory from being just a medical facility to being a data warehouse. FLIMS enables delivering results to patients as an SMS with a link to a dashboard of all results from all labs using FLIMS, enables lab management to run insightful business and medical reports on inventory, lab results, and patient health. Moreover, FLIMS labels health officials to be able to monitor disease spread and development in real-time. All these three features will elevate the medical lab industry from being isolated islands into a reactive body of medical information.

We will improve the experience of interacting with the Laboratory management information system by using ease of use dashboard in function through the application we provide, the Jordanian market has around a 600 lab over the 12 governance, we classify the market over 3 segments, A labs which manage more than 3 branches and has a clear organizational structure, B labs which has less than 3 branches and operate the quiet unorganized way and has the pain of no systems, and the last type C lab which has one branch and usually operates in the west Amman or in the 2020 we tend to target C labs which has the pain and the budget, the total market in this category is around 150 labs. Another very important aspect of Senaite FLIMS is that it gives us access to medical and demographic data related to the patients report delivery service. The service itself is very useful as it allows patients to see all their lab reports from different labs in one place, on the other hand it allows us to monitor trends in epidemic, non communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers.