About al-Fardthakh Tech & Data Science شركة الفرذخ لتكنولوجيا المعلومات

Al-Fardhakh Data Science is a specialized data science house rather than the traditional software house. The creation of useful data models, data storage, and data retrieval is what we are trying to perfect. Having the traditional web development background enables us to go beyond data to harvesting knowledge and meaningful actions to correspond with the data. Our main projects are Senaite FLIMS and Bio-Gis.

With a team of driven individuals and a culture that defies the mainstream, our mission is to become an international brand for Data Science with an effective and diverse set of tools based on big data.

To create products that go beyond data cleanup into harvesting meaningful knowledge in order to develop clear and time-relevant actions to correspond to real time data. Using Data Science, we work to create software that looks for solutions with the user, rather than simply implementing a solution.