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It live! Check out our covid-19 interactive map, still more charts and updates to come!…

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or…

مثل ما لاحظنا كيف الدول عم تغيير سياسيتها بالتعامل مع وباء كوفيد-19 مثل اليابان التي…

مع انتشار الفيروس في 199 دولة حول العالم وعدد اصابات مثبتة 465,915 ووفيات وصلت الى…

Finally our first collaboration no a research paper is our: Single-nucleus RNA-seq identifies Huntington disease…

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Data-science Services

Bioinformatics, data analysis, structural equation modeling, artificial intelligence .


A web GIS system capable of managing biodiversity records (Darwin and Dublin core)


Manage the health of your employees, save lives and money.


Sell online, big and small businesses

Senaite FLIMS

Our cutting edge lab information management system