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Al Fardhakh Data Science is an attempt to create a specialized data science house rather than the traditional software house. The creation of useful data models, data storage, and data retrieval is what we are trying to perfect. Having the traditional web development background enables us to go beyond data to harvesting knowledge and meaningful actions to correspond with the data. 

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makaneyyat research group 'mak' aims to strengthen agro-ecology in Palestine. Using fieldwork, agroecological analysis, geospatial visualization, interviews, photography, plant inventories, and topographic description, Makaneyyat is working to understand the transformation of agro-ecology in Palestine.

Um al-Jimal App

Umm el-Jimal Project, an ongoing research endeavor to understand, preserve, and share the ancient site and modern community of Umm al-Jimal

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A web developer with twelve years of professional experience. He specializes in front-end development, user experience and data visualization, combining my technical expertise in web development with a passion for design and the visual aspects of data; I have founded al-Fardthak data science as software house that uses big data capable tools to create compelling interactive data visualizations, data retrieval methods, and finally intelligence tailored to buisnesses or to academic researche.

Sufian Ahmad

Software development & engineering have been the first choice for me to start my career with. I worked in several companies, developed my skills & learned new technologies, programming languages and frameworks. I have gained a very good experience in solving problems and developing new software. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Data Science, specializing in Data Engineering, Big Data, Data Mining, AI & Machine Learning; as they are now becoming more trending and essential for developing more suitable and efficient solutions that meet the increasingly challenging requirements.

Ali Hassonah
Senior Problem Solver

developer interested in Data Science and Big data. more specifically, in Linguistics and natural language processing, as a developer I like to write a clean code with implementing Object oriented principle and Design pattern, I prefer to solve simple problem with clean code rather than complex problem with bad code, I have different technical skills like Javascript (jQuery, requirejs) , Python (pandas, numpy, matplotlib) ,Django, PHP, java, spring framework and version control systems like svn and git.

Omar Abu Nweir
Problem Solver

A medical doctor graduated from the Hashemite University. His passion in technology and programming started since he was 16 years old. He is still the chief information officer at Phi science institute where he developed its main and related websites and other products that automated the internal process of the institute. Abu-Aysheh has taught many courses regarding programming and web development. He focuses now on the data science world especially in the world of bioinformatics where biological and genetics information is used to tackle real-world medical, biological and genetic problems using computational methods.

Ahmad Abu-Aysheh


al-Fardthakh are a competent and dedicated web development company but what separates them from others is their ability to think creatively to solve any issues that arise.

Omar Tesdell